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Your Essential Guide To Choosing Designer Tapware


There are few things in a home that are used more than tapware. Think about everything you do with that spout and handle combination — washing, cooking, drinking, food prep and cleaning. Designer tapware takes this essential home fixture and gives it an elevated look.

Innovation has swamped the space, bringing with it a huge collection of stylish and functional designs for the modern home. All of this can be overwhelming. To help simplify things, we have collected our most important tips to make choosing your designer tapware easier.

Types of Tapware

There is a diverse range of designer tapware to choose from, with styles to suit the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The easiest way to create a cohesive look in your home is to opt for a collection where the design of each fixture has been kept consistent across each type.

When it comes to choosing a style, think about what look you want to bring into your home. Minimalist styles will suit a contemporary space, whereas rounded and intricate styles are typical of traditional homes.

Mixer Taps

The rise in designer tapware design in the last decade can easily be attributed to mixer taps. A single lever lets you control the flow and temperature for easy use. Both a space-saving and minimalist design, they suit modern kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and shallow sinks and basins. 

Spray Mixer Taps

Spray mixer taps have greater control over water flow and let you adjust the width and intensity of the spray. For example, wide for washing vegetables and fine for targeted cleaning.

Three-piece tap sets

This classic style of tapware dominated for centuries and consists of a hot tap, a cold tap and a spout all installed separately. Well suited to traditional style bathrooms.

Pull-out hose

A convenient choice for busy families, sink mixer taps with a pull-out hose features an extendable tube that makes it easier to clean bulkier items. If you have a large, deep sink, this is a great option.


Choosing a Finish

Once you have decided on a style, it’s time to pick the finish. All of our tapware is made from brass which is extremely durable, resistant to corrosion and stops bacteria and mould growth. Finishes are applied in a careful transitioning process. In order to create a cohesive look, opt for a finish that complements your other appliances, joinery finish and hardware.

Our designer tapware come in a variety of different finishes, including:


Shiny chrome is the most popular choice for tapware thanks to its versatility, easy maintenance cleaning and polished looks. There are endless styles to choose from and often at great prices.

Brushed Nickel

If you are looking for something slightly softer and warmer than stainless steel, brushed nickel is the answer. More reserved whilst still showing personality, it requires regular maintenance or it will develop a patina as it ages, which some may prefer.

Gun Metal

Blending into any moody space with ease, gun metal is a trending dark-grey finish with a smooth, metallic lustre.

Electroplated Matt Black

Another stylish trend that’s dominating interior designer’s lookbooks is electroplated matt black which brings affordable luxury to any home and creates statement pieces. For full effect, match it to other black elements in the room such as cabinet handles, lighting fixtures and window frames.


Additional Considerations

  • If you are renovating, ensure you have accurate measurements of all holes and specifications so that you don’t run into any issues during installation.
  • Water pressure varies between households in Australia. While the majority of taps are suitable for low and standard pressures, some bathroom and kitchen taps require higher water pressure to work properly. Speak to a plumber if you are unsure of the household pressure at your home. 
  • Shop for tapware with ceramic disc technology. MIXX Tapware uses European-made ceramic disc cartridges for all our mixers due to their superior strength and durability compared to traditional washers.
  • All taps come with a WEPS star rating, which refers to the water efficiency of the tapware design. Efficiency ranges from one to six stars, with six being the highest level. The label also indicates water consumption (flow rate litres per minute). MIXX Tapware prioritises water efficiency during the design process to provide customers with a sustainable, eco-conscious product.

Shop Designer Tapware From MIXX

MIXX Tapware & Accessories is a leading Australian brand for designer tapware that is renowned for its high quality and stylish designs. Our industry-leading 20-year warranty on mixers and 10-year warranty on most other products is a testament to our build quality and offers peace of mind to homeowners.

Our designer tapware is available from a wide range of retailers and trade stores throughout Australia. Please use our stockist locator to find a store near you! You can also contact us and our friendly team will be able to answer any questions. 

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