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Choosing your ideal finish






Are you struggling to find the right finish for your kitchen or bathroom? Believe it or not, the final touch that brings everything together is a lot smaller than you think. Picking a finish of tapware that matches your chosen style can give your renovations that extra touch.  

Finding the tapware that matches your ideal aesthetic doesn’t have to be difficult. With MIXX’s range, whether your style is elegant or rustic, you can find exactly what you want and need. 

Brushed Brass

Brushed Brass tapware is a rising trend and offers a sharp bronze finish. The golden hue sparks a bold aesthetic and the brass design offers delicacy and richness to the bathrooms and kitchens it accentuates.  

Brushed Brass tapware is for the modern individual looking for a big city feel. With its golden hue, it can suit many styles and designs. However, this is a colour that best accompanies coastal homes, black industrial designs, and geometric patterns in tiled spaces. When accompanied by these elements, the brushed brass tapware is highlighted and provides a golden finish to the space it occupies.

Matt Black

Dark and gothic in feel, Matt Black tapware is for the understatedly luxurious individual. With its dark tones, many might shy away from the Matt Black finish, but those who embrace it revel in its adaptability. 

Matt Black can blend with most bathroom and kitchen designs, including less-common colours such as blush and emerald. With a hint of green plants, this finish can be livened up and create a deeply elegant look.

Brushed Nickel

The Brushed Nickel tapware aesthetic is rustic. Those with the Brushed Nickel finish tend to enjoy a country, homely atmosphere. The Brushed Nickel finish offers you the ability to have an understatedly rustic feel in your everyday surroundings without overdoing it. 

Suited best to complement any wooden decor, furniture, and living spaces, the brushed nickel style is the popular tapware style of choice thanks to its particularly good ability of hiding fingerprints and water splash marks

Gun Metal

The Gun Metal look offers a shaded grey colour to tapware, which can blend with darker kitchen and bathroom styles. With a crisp, clean finish, the Gun Metal finish can complement matching its interior and accentuate otherwise hidden elements. 

Gun Metal is best suited to matching darker colours such as dark greys or blues. However, when matched with lighter compliments, magic can happen. Hints of light colours such as soft pinks or lilac blushes will lighten up your bathroom and kitchen. Adding these highlights of colours will help keep your style and aesthetic fresh and bright.


Chrome is the reliable, and ever-trendy tapware finish. The Chrome finish creates a natural, timeless look in bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to its neutral colour scheme, the Chrome style is the most adaptable of all tapware colours and easily matches any design. 

With the basic silver design, the Chrome finish is the best complement to the minimalistic styled bathroom or kitchen. Thanks to its clean finish, Chrome can enhance a simple white tiled room and create a clean, modern look.  

Be sure to check out all the Tapware Mixx has to offer and find the style that is the perfect fit for you and your home. 

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