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5 Popular Trends in the Bathroom (2019)

The bathroom has shifted from a purely functional space, to one that is open for expression. 2019’s bathroom trends continue to move our perception of a bathroom in an experiential and pragmatic direction (and we love it)! Here are a few of our favourite trends for the year ahead: make sure to let us know if we’re missing your favourite.


2019 has begun with a huge emphasis on bringing natural elements into the space. Wooden elements are vastly popular, especially lighter variants. Light, airy bathrooms create an inviting space, and marble is also popular within these spaces as it contributes to this feeling.

Many manufacturers are also supplying a wide range of stone bathroom elements. With all of these options for natural elements, it’s easy to find one that suits your vision.

Light and dark wooden elements create a natural feeling in this bathroom


Herringbone tiles remain popular for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Terrazzo patterns have been more and more evident in recent bathrooms, with no limit on how colourful or minimal this might be.

One interesting development is the use of coloured grout. Previously just used to place and hold tiles, the addition of colour allows further expression in the living space.  

Remodeled kitchen with pure white cabinets, marble countertops, herringbone backsplash and wide-plank hardwood floors.



“Millennial” or pastel pink has been a leading colour in home design for some time now. While it’s not going anywhere too quickly, a rise in pastel greens and blues is on the rise alongside this colour.

Pastel blue combined with natural elements makes for a modern, but minimal look


There has been a rise in the availability of different tapware options such as matt colours, and metals aside from chrome. Matt black remains popular (great news for our collections!), as well as brushed metal tapware.  

Matt black remains on trend, and not just in the bathroom


The current freestanding tub trend is a luxe statement piece, and works well in larger bathrooms. Solid white is the most popular style, but the natural elements as mentioned above have made their way into this area as well, with stone and wood tubs available from some stockists.

Countertop or free-standing basins are also gaining popularity, and are available in those natural tones, as well as the ever-so-trendy candy colours.

Freestanding tub with countertop basins in white

Did we mention all of your favourite upcoming trends? Leave us a comment on our social media channels and let us know what you think!

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