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MIXX Tapware & Accessories is a leading supplier of high-quality tapware and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and more. Our products combine sophisticated design and stylish looks without sacrificing function. 

Bathrooms are the most personal space in your home. They’re where you relax, unwind and get ready for the day ahead. And they should be designed to reflect that. Likewise, a kitchen is a place that brings friends and family together and life’s simple pleasures are enjoyed. 

Since the introduction of our designer tapware in 2011, MIXX Tapware & Accessories has grown into a distinguished brand under the umbrella of Brasshards Group. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, we have what you need to make it happen. 

Our team of local and international designers will help you find the perfect solution for your renovation or design project. We only use high-quality materials and refined manufacturing to ensure all MIXX tapware products stand the test of time — including a market-leading 20-year warranty on all mixers. 

Browse through our website today and contact us with any questions about our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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News and Updates

Lead Free Transition Update

The 2022 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC) introduced a new limit for the allowable level of lead in plumbing products used for drinking water. Since the announcement in 2022, Brasshards Group has been planning our transition to lead free ahead of the 1 May 2026 deadline. As part of the Group, Mixx tapware and accessories will transition to…

Why Is Brushed Nickel Tapware Such A Popular Choice?

Remember when the only colour of tapware available was chrome? Fortunately, we’ve come a long way! There’s now a vast world of colours and interesting finishes to choose from. Although chrome is still an option for many households, when brushed nickel came to the market, it was clearly determined to take down the beloved chrome. The rise of brushed nickel…

Your Checklist For Choosing Laundry Tap Mixers

Your Checklist For Choosing Laundry Tap Mixers The laundry might be the place where chores are done but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With the right styling, it’s a space that has the potential to be turned into one of the most surprising rooms in your home. A laundry doesn’t have to be just practical – it…

Your Essential Guide To Choosing Designer Tapware

There are few things in a home that are used more than tapware. Think about everything you do with that spout and handle combination — washing, cooking, drinking, food prep and cleaning. Designer tapware takes this essential home fixture and gives it an elevated look. Innovation has swamped the space, bringing with it a huge collection of stylish and functional…

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